Brian Turner – The Unwritten Code

Brian Turner The Unwritten Code At the end of the corridor, where concrete gives wayto the grassy expanse of playground, the afternoon  pours in harsh and flat, and I’m eleven again, I’m always eleven when I return to this moment, rendered speechless once more as I discover the school bully, a 6th grader, whose fists I onceContinue reading “Brian Turner – The Unwritten Code”

Brian Turner – The Drive

Brian Turner Several years ago I did a reading in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to be driven from the LaGuardia airport to my hotel in Scranton by a guy who often works with the Yankees for transportation issues. This poem comes from that drive, from some of the stories he told, from sittingContinue reading “Brian Turner – The Drive”

Brian Turner – The Shooting of David Ortiz

Brian Turner “The preparation is like making a soup. You start throwing ingredients in…you move it around and just start to put in all of this information and the day you start shooting, you drink it. And then forget about it…you don’t have to be thinking about it, it’s just going to be in youContinue reading “Brian Turner – The Shooting of David Ortiz”

Brian Turner – The Yellow Jackets on Our Tongues

Brian Turner “The moment always comes when, having collected one’s ideas, certain images, an intuition of a certain kind of development… one must pass on to the actual realization. This is the most delicate moment…the moment when the poet or writer makes his first mark on the page, the painter on his canvas, when theContinue reading “Brian Turner – The Yellow Jackets on Our Tongues”

Brian Turner – Touch-and-Go Landings: An Elegy for Thurman Munson

Brian Turner Dear Friends, Writers, Readers,  Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a first full draft of a poem with you each day. You’ll quickly notice that they are all baseball poems. For those of you with no interest in sports or a full-blown dislike of baseball—please don’t turn away, as you’llContinue reading “Brian Turner – Touch-and-Go Landings: An Elegy for Thurman Munson”