Joseph Rios – In the Beginning

Joseph Rios In the Beginning  For Alana I lived in a windowless room above a nightclub in Downtown LA.Afterhours we would dance with the music loud, loud as the the colored lightswe bathed in until it was time to visit the Pantry and spin on the chairs watching the cooks make French Toast in Dodgers capsuntil even the coffee couldn’t keep us awake.  TheContinue reading “Joseph Rios – In the Beginning”

Joseph Rios – Jensen Junk Yard

Joseph Rios Jensen Junk Yard I’m kicking rocks at the junk yardafter a heavy rain that took out the powerat my house and has filled the trunksof these old cars, all picked cleanlike roasted chickens and left floatingon jack stands made from welded rims.Younger dudes are carrying tool bags for their dads, tios, grandpas. I’m jealous. OldContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Jensen Junk Yard”

Joseph Rios – Fresno Ars Poetica

Joseph Rios Fresno Ars Poetica I see a clown juggling rings on H and Divisadero and there’s enough time at the red light for me to see him switch to bowling pins. We are outside Julia’s where my grandpa used to drink burnt coffee and eat slabs of ham shaped like the can. The clown is only wearing the nose andContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Fresno Ars Poetica”

Joseph Rios – Driving to Fowler Ace Hardware

Joseph Rios Driving to Fowler Ace Hardware The half a can of beer in the holderhas gone warm from neglect. The south bound golden state highway is the samehot black tar it was when my grandfather drove it. The oleander bushes sleep on old mattressessometimes lit on fire and left to burn. The grape vinesContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Driving to Fowler Ace Hardware”

Joseph Rios – Golden State Highway 

Joseph Rios Golden State Highway The train catches up to me at Clovis Ave and we ride togetherThere’s one cloud in the skyand it’s full of lightning. I can’t look away.The three of us are on our way to Selmawhen the first droplets of rain start falling. I smell them first and then I put out myContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Golden State Highway “