Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations V

Juan Luis Guzmán Blood Meditations V Excerpts from an essay I know someday I will feel what my father does. Someday, my body too will become insufficient. Isn’t that the duty of a son? Of a body? Released from the hospital, he is back at his home in Jalisco, which was his father’s home, whichContinue reading “Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations V”

Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations IV

Juan Luis Guzmán Blood Meditations IV Excerpts from an essay We call convents and seminaries across Guadalajara and neighboring cities hoping to find a donor. We know, even if we find someone willing to give, there is still a possibility that the hospital will turn them away. I find a slip of paper in myContinue reading “Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations IV”

Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations III

Juan Luis Guzmán Blood Meditations III Excerpts from an essay When I’m alone, I open Tinder and swipe through profiles of men to distract myself. I am a good son. I have conversations, flirt, send pics from the bathroom of the hospital. I am a good, good son. I match with a twenty-eight-year-old resident, Dr.Continue reading “Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations III”

Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations II

Juan Luis Guzmán Blood Meditations II Excerpts from an essay I read through an informational pamphlet when they tell us my dad needs a blood platelet transfusion before he can be released: candidates must be healthy, candidates must never have been pregnant, candidates must not be men who have sex with other men. All ofContinue reading “Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations II”

Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations

Juan Luis Guzmán Blood Meditations Excerpts from an essay The ICU is on the second floor of Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara, Mexico. For four days, we take over the waiting area directly outside its entrance so that we don’t miss either of the visiting hours, one in the morning and another in the evening.Continue reading “Juan Luis Guzmán – Blood Meditations”