Sara Borjas – My Heart

Sara Borjas My Heart             after Frank O’Hara I’m not going to smile all the timenor shall I cry carrying myself to sleep,I don’t recommend one rush over another.I’d crawl up the peak of my murmur & melody, become an invulnerable bridge, but also the battlethat is overproduced on either side. I want to dieat leastContinue reading “Sara Borjas – My Heart”

Sara Borjas – A woman walks by with a baguette on her shoulder

Sara Borjas A woman walks by with a baguette on her shoulder A woman walks by with a baguette on her shoulder.Am I going to write, after that, about domestic pressures? Another sits in front of the ATM, kills a cockroach, laughs at nothing.How dare one speak about access to opportunity & the American dream?Continue reading “Sara Borjas – A woman walks by with a baguette on her shoulder”

Sara Borjas – Colonialism

Sara Borjas Colonialism “The true focus of revolutionary change is never really the oppressive situations      that         we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of                      us.” -Audre Lorde I am both a womanand a woman who asks what a woman is. I will never beguaranteed against fracture. Continue reading “Sara Borjas – Colonialism”

Sara Borjas – Instructions for Tasting Spirits

Sara Borjas Instructions for Tasting Spirits establish a purpose  for tasting  this will mostly be  for application    a sea-sonal cocktail  or modernized   classic  modify   elevate   what already exists  know exactly  what you want   how can you best use a spirit   an energy  that funk  of some rum   or armangac    attitude    becauseContinue reading “Sara Borjas – Instructions for Tasting Spirits”

Sara Borjas – The Garden

Editor’s note: for mobile users, this poem is best viewed in landscape mode. Sara Borjas The Garden Here: what I know                                 and what I give you: a garden of particulars                                                                                                                                a house: Fresno                                                                                                                 my father: just outside its frame  these rows: faulty scales                                                I plant : my perspectives                                                                                                                             ask you : how responsible he is Continue reading “Sara Borjas – The Garden”