Monique Quintana – Nesting (an installation)

Monique Quintana Nesting (an installation)             For Aideed Medina The girl found a scroll rolling at her feet, and she read it, and it said that a crown made of wood is not a crown of flowers. A cradle made of wood is not a crown of flowers. There are rules against talking about a crownContinue reading “Monique Quintana – Nesting (an installation)”

Monique Quintana – 2 Alebrijes (A True Story)

Monique Quintana 2 Alebrijes (A True Story)             For Steven Sanchez Before the time of plague and death, the girl bought two boys winged toy animals in a store on Olive Avenue. She meant them to be gifts. Instead, she packed the two animals away and forgot about them for years. The animals had conversations, andContinue reading “Monique Quintana – 2 Alebrijes (A True Story)”

Monique Quintana – Capillaries Look Like Trees

Monique Quintana Capillaries Look Like Trees             For Carribean Fragoza We weren’t Catholic, and I couldn’t have a quinceañera. My mom felt bad, so she told me she would take me on a trip anywhere I wanted to go, as long as it was in the continental United States because she could get a discount withContinue reading “Monique Quintana – Capillaries Look Like Trees”

Monique Quintana – Crossing Sticks and Lies

Monique Quintana Crossing Sticks and Lies             For Randa I had decided to drop out of school on the first day of my MFA fiction workshop. I was wearing a black corset dress with life jacket buckles as my goodbye to school shroud. Randa emailed me to say she noticed I wasn’t on the class rosterContinue reading “Monique Quintana – Crossing Sticks and Lies”