Joseph Rios – Field Guide: Calwa #2

Joseph Rios Field Guide: Calwa #2 The steel wheeled train cars sing like a crystal flute of champagne accompanied by the bass held hostagein the trunk of this murdered out Buick. The kids’ jungle gym is a broke down Altimathat became a memorial to the neighbor’s grandpa who got shot while changing the timing belt.  How willContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Field Guide: Calwa #2”

Joseph Rios – Somebody’s Little Brother’s Birthday

Joseph Rios Somebody’s Little Brother’s Birthday For Sara Borjas There’s a Chicanx child of Rocio Durcalcrooning under the light of a PD helicopter and they’ve got the whole hood singing and weeping to the song. Meanwhile, my tio is already drunk and telling my cousins how much he loves them and they’re all hugging and crying like it’s theContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Somebody’s Little Brother’s Birthday”

Joseph Rios – Field Guide: Calwa, CA

Joseph Rios Field Guide: Calwa, CA In our neighborhood there is a tree that produces bags of Hot Cheetos and Cool Ranch Doritos.In the fall, I rake the empty bags from the rain gutter.  The parked cars are covered in layers of dust. I tell neighbor kids a giant spider came through years ago and trapped these carsContinue reading “Joseph Rios – Field Guide: Calwa, CA”

Joseph Rios – El Pino, East LA: A Return

Joseph Rios El Pino, East LA: A Return For Jose Olivarez All my homies are gone. Dead would be an improvementfor some of them. Abuela and Bora are in the ground somewhere.Jennifer? Still lost, I guess. Who is left? I drove by Angel’smom’s old pad and saw an older, fatter looking Angelmelting on the porch.Continue reading “Joseph Rios – El Pino, East LA: A Return”

Joseph Rios – The End of a Fresno Summer

Joseph Rios The End of a Fresno Summer For Ethan Pacheco The leaf footed bugs are crowding the ripe pomegranatesand my little cousin wants to crush juice for the first time. The soil in the backyard is like moon powder and it’s the color of ash. The hills are on fire, again.You know, I’ve long admired ourContinue reading “Joseph Rios – The End of a Fresno Summer”