Sara Borjas – Each Day, I Have a Difficult Time Getting Started

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Sara Borjas

Each Day, I Have a Difficult Time Getting Started

I create to do lists
I read an essay about white fragility
I am mad at my dad for not acknowledging me
I cook egg whites from a carton
I wash the bed sheets and fold them
I google vegan recipes
I research native dishes for Thanksgiving
I am doing my best 
I read contemporary poems
I pay DMV renewal fees
I drink coffee with so much sugar
I wear a skirt
I hate my body
I brush and grind my teeth
I water the houseplants
I paint my nails glittery blue
I buy my mom a DNA test for her birthday
I have good intentions
I rinse squash and strawberries
I empty the recycling bin when it gets full
I do not know what I am supposed to be doing
I wipe dust from the windowsills
I do small things but I want to do bigger things
I think maybe it’s that I try to do too much

on stolen land
on abducted land
on seized land
on embezzled land
on laundered land
on devoured land
on violated land
on stolen land
on plagiarized land
on purloined land
on obliterated land
on kidnapped land
on murdered land
on abstracted land
on looted land
on taken land
on pilfered land
on ransacked land
on poached land
on violated land
on misappropriated land
on lifted land
on eradicated land
on stolen land

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