Sara Borjas – Poem My Mother Writes about Things She Hates

Sara Borjas

Poem My Mother Writes about Things She Hates

A dirty house. Thin toilet paper. 
Stupid people. 

Crumbs in bed. Animal hair 
on any surface. Foggy days.

When people make promises 
and never keep them, or deny 

doing anything wrong.
Two lane freeways.

Bad service at a Diccico’s. 
I don’t like waking up 

too early, losing at the casino, 
running out of an ingredient 

when I’m cooking, and 
especially not having all 

my baby chicks here at home. 
I hate people who use me 

like your Aunt Rosa when she 
talks about poor us poor Daniel 

poor Lupe they don’t have anything
then I help but when I ask 

for something she can’t help me.
I hate when people tell me something

then deny ever saying it.
Slow drivers. And I super hate 

sweating on hot days!
The worst part, though is not
having all my kids here 

at the same time. I hate 
that Punit broke Sara’s heart.

I hate that Emily is lonely 
cause she doesn’t have 

a best friend. I hate that Frankie
misses his son so much when 

he has to go on tour in Iraq.
I hate that Shari died and we

didn’t got to say see ya later.
I hate that I wish I had 

a better relationship with my mom 
and that my pops lives so far 

away in Texas. I hate
that my little sisters got screwed

and I should have been there
for them, like be a big sister

and hold them and tell them
it will all be okay.

I hate that I wish my mom
had a phone where I could text 

and say I love you cause 
I can’t say it to her face.

Sometimes the tears 
and the heartache just creep

up on me and I just want 
to run. I hate that I wish 

I could have done more things 
differently, like be an accountant 

or go to school. I love my life, 
but, just asking, maybe, 

should have, could have? 
I wonder if I’m too old 

to try and learn to play guitar. 
Electric? Because I love 

Peter Frampton
and Santana. 

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