Sara Borjas – The Garden

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Sara Borjas

The Garden

Here: what I know

                                and what I give you: a garden of particulars 

                                                                                                                              a house: Fresno 

                                                                                                               my father: just outside its frame 

these rows: faulty scales 

                                              I plant : my perspectives 

                                                                                                                           ask you : how responsible he is 

these versions : ____________

                                                  my father : his garden

                                                                                                                             his garden : misguided

my parent’s relationship 


                                                                                               a glass house balanced on dead ocean

              a valley : my father 

                                                             his hands : order 

                                                                             white : want  

                                                                                                                             white : family

How can he love : what dies 

                                                                                                                             each fall : here 

                                       a true story: I expect 

                                                                                        too much : I grew up

                                                                                                   wanting to be white: my father to be white

                      an apology :  that keeps 

                                                                                                                           my own failures : from measure

I refuse : what he grows 

                                                               I water : some garden  

                                                                                                                              while he loves : me more 

                                                                                                               than I could ever : love him 

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