Sara Borjas – Instructions for Tasting Spirits

Sara Borjas

Instructions for Tasting Spirits

establish a purpose  for tasting  this 
will mostly be  for application    a sea-
sonal cocktail  or modernized   classic  
modify   elevate   what already exists  
know exactly  what you want   how can you 
best use a spirit   an energy  that funk  of some 
rum   or armangac    attitude    because like 
them   you may still have another   mouth 
on you   a history   of Scandanavian rice grain   
a mother too quiet   men on horses   lips   
turning themselves   inside out like   turning 
jump rope   or shame   trailing you   as you cut 
a field of canes  be open   tasting is about 
connection   personal experiences   say  
Danielle Steele novel   between mother’s daily 
fingers   barn burning   with Lagavulin in 
your mouth   kick a soccer ball   mother is 
thin in that dream  Wednesday   she comes home 
from work   acknowledge   the bent steel   behind 
your teeth   the smell of a house   uncooked 
how smell   does not correlate   to the linger   
of sour plum or tamales   find useful & meaning- 
ful words to describe   each spirit   that mood 
when you did not  know   or just   be 
comfortable    with memory and instability   
how your mind   organizes scraps   into past   
and what   you would give   for your life 
to be   as simple   as it was then   in the closed 
afternoons   at the long green field    where 
you cried   for no one   but yourself   you 
had control   not yet knowing   everything 
you did or said                  wonderful   
and your mother stayed   because she  wanted to   
and you wrote   proud    without it turning  to dust   
tasting    is about   emotion   an honest  enlivening    
of what cannot be    otherwise

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