Juan Luis Guzmán – BREAKUP SONNET iv.

Author’s note:
From a series of 
                    In using this form, I looked to challenge it and to intentionally queer it in content,
                    grammar, language, and with the assistance of predictive text from my iPhone. 

Juan Luis Guzmán


I was alone like a crazy day I was like 
omg you were just trying to be nice to you 
too lol I wanna see when we know you 
wanna I was gonna was the day I was like 
omg was the day I wanna be a great me
you wanna see me tomorrow right in the 
night we know you love you your love I 
wanna see who you was thinking of not
me I love ya so too much as we know 
you wanna him you wanna was a great 
night with him so too much and I wanna
see soon as I get home omg where did 
it went your love to him to him your love 
was a good love I wanna good good too

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