Juan Luis Guzmán – BREAKUP SONNET v.

Author’s note:
From a series of 
                    In using this form, I looked to challenge it and to intentionally queer it in content,
                    grammar, language, and with the assistance of predictive text from my iPhone. 

Juan Luis Guzmán


now I’m going back home to me 
killing time a little hole made big 
and bigger way to face the face 
the day for me to be there I love 
that for me my love I don’t know 
what you think I’ll do lol yeah lol 
but I’ll see what I gotta mean for 
me is that I wanna have a great day 
and I wanna you see how much I 
wanna is the way for me I’ll see me 
be the last one lol I love the way I 
can see the other stuff I like it omg
one thing you do to make it work 
your body you do what you’re gonna

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