Sarah A. Chavez – I Count

Sarah A. Chavez

I Count

the bricks in the path: old
bricks, new bricks, broken
bricks, bricks enrobed 
in moss. 

I count the budding peppers
on the Fresno chile, the purple
sprouts in the potato patch,
the bulbs that have opened
on the star plant, the buds 
holding a tight fist, the petals
which have dried & dropped
from the stem.

I count the barks from the tiny
Shih Tzu next door. I count 
the number of breathes in which
the neighbor yells, Shut up
I count the piles of dirt I dug 
from the earth, the number 
of rocks I pulled out.

I count the mornings I wake
to sunlight and the mornings
I wake to rain. I count the beers
left in the fridge, the boxes
of dinner proteins frozen,
the remaining granola bars
in the big glass jar in the cabinet.
I count the cabinet doors, 
the crumbs on the counter, the
specks of dust floating in 
from the open window. I count
the whole of these to keep 
from counting the days 
since you left.

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