Joseph Rios – First Grade

Joseph Rios

First Grade

When Josefo got there, the kittens 
laid in pieces. Some here, there. He found 
dirt dusted hind parts. Black hair. Tails. 
Little feet like pinky fingers, soft velvet 
ears and bit halves of terrified faces. 
What blood remained, the droplets rolled 
away and grabbed onto the dust. 
Without wailing or crying, Josefo touched 
each of the pieces. He crouched over them, 
bent down and examined them. His hand
combed over their fur, his knees in his chest.
Josefo picked up what was left of his kittens,
ones he had yet to name, after school
and after waving away his grandfather’s van. 
Josefo buried the parts under grass clippings
in the green garbage can. His mother 
would be home soon, he knew. 

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