Steven Sanchez – Forgotten Song

Steven Sanchez

Forgotten Song

           Male sirens disappeared from art around fifth century BC.
                                         — Greek Vase Exhibit, University of Colorado, Boulder

Trace the the moon
               inside my thigh, graze
                                            my neck

                              with your lower lip, taste
my brine (you know
                             how to not leave
               a bruise). Your mouth

                                           my beard—

warm sand around our lips.
                the moss
                                            of my stomach,

                               the algae
below. Pin me
               against the ground.
                               Grip my shoulders.

                                            Let your fingers rope
into bowlines
             down my chest 
                            and abdomen.

             my neck

just above
               my clavicle.

               Make me drown
between your thighs.

               Dam my breath
               into a shallow

Feel ourselves

                             into musseled
                we may fill
in turns
              like J—

              and I
                                when we were
in love.


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