Steven Sanchez – Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s Part 1

Steven Sanchez

Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s Part 1

So, I’ve always thought Denny’s was a little gay. To prove this, I googled “Denny’s is queer” and, ignoring the first result talking about how a server refused to wait on a party of Queers in New Mexico, I found a listicle titled “10 Best Queer or LGBTQ-Welcoming Restaurants in Phoenix” and learned that Phoenix, Arizona has its very own gay Denny’s at the corner of 7th St and Camelbade Road. In the comments section, everyone started sharing about their own gay Denny’s in cities all over the country.

Imagine that: right now, there is a national network of gay 24 hr diners for Queers to gather and eat and share a basket of mozzarella sticks in a drunk stupor while nursing a round of waters. To top it all off, the artist Joan of Arkansas has a song titled “Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s” where the chorus goes

Meet me
at the Gay Denny’s
where there’s safety in numbers.
Where there’s safety in numbers.

Where there’s safety in numbers. This line repeats itself 12 times in the course of 3 minutes. 

After hearing this, it clicked. Queer bars are often the only places where Queer communities can gather safely, relax, and celebrate ourselves in all of our Queerness and faggotry. And once the bar closes, where else is left to go but a diner that’s conveniently around the corner and open 24 hours? 

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