Jeffrey Schultz – XV. The Deaths of Birds

Jeffrey Schultz XV. The Deaths of Birds for C. G. Hanzlicek   When the realm Of the image Yields nothing more Than gore and the unendurable, And when then thereafter gore And the unendurable, Themselves become So commonplace They can no longer Be unendurable Or elicit the horror Appropriate to them, What at all couldContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XV. The Deaths of Birds”

Marisol Baca – in eights // octaves

Marisol Baca in eights // octaves   At the author’s request, this poem has been temporarily removed. It will return to the site in the future.   Marisol Baca’s artist statement: Over the past 15 days, I have been writing a poem a day. This concentrated workload allowed me to sit face-to-face with poems thatContinue reading “Marisol Baca – in eights // octaves”

Jeffrey Schultz – XIV. Standard Notation

Jeffrey Schultz XIV. Standard Notation   Crow north Crow north Crow north By northeast Crow falls Crow-black From the sky Crow cries To darkness See you, friend, How lonely I must die?   Jeffrey Schultz’s artist statement: Title of series: Fifteen Variations on Themes from Levis. In a series of fifteen brief variations, Schultz willContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XIV. Standard Notation”

Marisol Baca – we have the attic and we have the moon

Marisol Baca we have the attic and we have the moon   we are seated at the the table we draw a line around the river but we left the river out we cloud the common tongue we articulate the dark matter into itself a purple cotton candy a set of bangs on brown skinContinue reading “Marisol Baca – we have the attic and we have the moon”

Jeffrey Schultz – XIII. Local Realism

Jeffrey Schultz XII. Local Realism   Metonymy describes the figural structure Of contiguity, nearness. The metaphysics Of the figure begin the chant of their murmuring spell When contiguity, nearness, is engaged Complexly in all of its conceptual suggestiveness. Under such circumstances, the greatest distances Collapse instantaneously. And yet, One would never think of Odysseus, DrivingContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XIII. Local Realism”