Jeffrey Schultz – XIII. Local Realism

Jeffrey Schultz XII. Local Realism   Metonymy describes the figural structure Of contiguity, nearness. The metaphysics Of the figure begin the chant of their murmuring spell When contiguity, nearness, is engaged Complexly in all of its conceptual suggestiveness. Under such circumstances, the greatest distances Collapse instantaneously. And yet, One would never think of Odysseus, DrivingContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XIII. Local Realism”

Jeffrey Schultz – XII. Poem No One Asked For

Jeffrey Schultz XII. Poem No One Asked For   The poem leaves the room hungry And commends to your care These following facts: The Pan-Arctic Ice-Ocean Modelling and Assimilation System (PIOMAS) data for 20 Sept. 2019   Shows an average ice thickness In the Central Arctic Basin (CAB) Of 1.2 meters, thinnest in the record. TheContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XII. Poem No One Asked For”

Marisol Baca – Remedios Sketch 5

Marisol Baca Remedios Sketch 5   Remedios, sixteenth in queue, sixteen blue myths escaping her brush, sixteen ways to get to town, sixteen secrets to tell when she arrives Remedios, if her coat were a watercolor it would be soaked its ragged edges would be many wings her nimbus is flaking gold and robin’s eggContinue reading “Marisol Baca – Remedios Sketch 5”

Jeffrey Schultz – XI. No Regrets

Jeffrey Schultz XI. No Regrets   Bare of birds This morning The freeway trees Cease to sway The gentle sway Of freeway trees Above idle traffic’s Low rumble and chug. Bare of birds, The freeway trees’ Stock collapses; They lose political power. And their browns then Grow browner, Their greenish-browns Browner too Until they giveContinue reading “Jeffrey Schultz – XI. No Regrets”