Steven Sanchez – Tread

Steven Sanchez Tread He helps me carrytheir old hutchinto my apartment,  but I let gobefore he’s ready—oak slides against his palm and he winces before runningwater over his hand.He searches for splinters  the way he looks for leaksin a tire, air bubbles replacedby subtle stings. He taught me to carry heavy thingswith my legs, toContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Tread”

Steven Sanchez – Waterfowl

Steven Sanchez Waterfowl With the webbing tornfrom his right foot, his toes pointperpendicular to the ground before each step like a danceraware of his body’s whole weight. I tell myself he walks with grace,that his foot isn’t limp like a wrist. (I want to make himpowerful.) I will break him a piece of this loaftoContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Waterfowl”

Steven Sanchez – Through A Glass, Darkly

Steven Sanchez Through A Glass, Darkly The glass slips through your grip—you sweep the debristhat glitters like manain the desert and recall the stingof the shot glassthat shatteredin an Arizona bar’s ice bin:you were drinking water,chewing ice, thinkingthe ice was freezer burnedwhen it wouldn’t grindany finer between your teeth,wouldn’t melt, then you swallowedand tasted yourContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Through A Glass, Darkly”

Steven Sanchez – Self-Portrait as Lucifer

Steven Sanchez Self-Portrait as Lucifer Hell is a halo in the night,the orange ring on a cigarette, a gentle asphyxiation I learnto endure, to enjoy, to need. And when I finally say enough,it isn’t, because lies, like words, are meaninglesswith repetition—they become an unfamiliar language. My namecomes from Latin: bringer  of light, the moons releasedinsideContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Self-Portrait as Lucifer”