Steven Sanchez – Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s Part 1

Steven Sanchez Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s Part 1 So, I’ve always thought Denny’s was a little gay. To prove this, I googled “Denny’s is queer” and, ignoring the first result talking about how a server refused to wait on a party of Queers in New Mexico, I found a listicle titled “10 BestContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Meet Me at the Gay Denny’s Part 1”

Steven Sanchez – After

Steven Sanchez Editor’s note: This poem is best viewed on the full width of a desktop or laptop screen. After I ride my bicycle                                               and then a paramedic asks me my name.                                               Steven. She asks me the year.                                              2016.                                                            It isn’t. I blame                                                            the presidential election,                                                             as if my mind wants to erase                                                                         the white house,                                                             this crash,                                                                                         everything                                                             that’sContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – After”

Steven Sanchez – Left Anterior Fascicular Block

Steven Sanchez Left Anterior Fascicular Block Scar tissue paves my heart                                              in rumble strips  like the 99. Southbound                                              from San Francisco,k-rails cinch three lanes                                               into two                                                             into one,a miles-long corset                             meant to protectconstruction workers                                             while they erect pylonsfor a high speed rail                              on the verge                                                          of abandonment. Scuff marks streak                              against the concrete walls and I find myself                            staring,                                              wonderinghow a car survives,                             imagining how                                             my door’s mirror                                                           would shatterand I’d wakeContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Left Anterior Fascicular Block”

Steven Sanchez – Cavities

Steven Sanchez Cavities My molar’s root stingslike a boutonniere pinned to skin. I dreamtI pruned each bulb with a floss pick,dug into the red coronas expandingaround each tooth, the pain a relieflike when you enter me after tracing my cavitywith your tongue, like when you gripmy neck and leave a tender halo. The lasttime weContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Cavities”

Steven Sanchez – Forgotten Song

Steven Sanchez Forgotten Song            Male sirens disappeared from art around fifth century BC.                                          — Greek Vase Exhibit, University of Colorado, Boulder Trace the the moon                             waxing                inside my thigh, graze                                            my neck                               with your lower lip, tastemy brine (you know                               how to not leave               a bruise). Your mouth                              finds                                           my beard— warm sand around our lips.                                            Skim                 the moss                                            ofContinue reading “Steven Sanchez – Forgotten Song”