Sara Borjas – Colonialism

Sara Borjas


“The true focus of revolutionary change is never really the oppressive situations      that         we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of                      us.”
-Audre Lorde

I am both a woman
and a woman who asks 
what a woman is. 
I will never be
against fracture. 

I hold my debris. 
my dark hair thick
as whips, my legs
straddled like a couplet
across intimate subjects. 

at the Great Story, 
as every erased 
row of corn, as 
the vein’s compulsion 
to carry its blood 

I ask color 
why its named me. 
I ask the namer 
who her mother is. 
She has long hair, 
like you. 
She eats doubt
from her own hands, 
like crumbs. 
She wraps her hands 
around the eagle’s body 
like a dish rag.
Each word even God 
writes she takes 
credit for. 

Who are we 
other than the owned 
and the owned? 
When I say mother
everything that 
urged me into this 
world scatters 
like the body’s 
original dust,
the colonizer 
always scrambling
to that new, new place. 

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