Juan Luis Guzmán – BREAKUP SONNET ii.

Author’s note:
From a series of 
                    In using this form, I looked to challenge it and to intentionally queer it in content,
                    grammar, language, and with the assistance of predictive text from my iPhone. 

Juan Luis Guzmán


Wet heat hot jet-sweat oh boy! 
sweated and wetted heat-toy
stink wet-sweat and sweet my joy
how to sweat-wet skeet on me 
how to spill the tea and keep a 
beat down break up street leggo
clean up the clatch my come-clasp
leggo the grasp unleash that latch I 
know it’s not right mine-made and 
splayed we should unsnatch swipe 
down and unmatch snap back the 
hatch how did we end up at the end
and look what we did to this hole 
made it sweet and sweat and sad

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